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Welcome to the homepage of Inglorious Bikers Denmark - Café Bikers by heart and soul!



**** We ride for good coffee ****





The club was founded in january 2010 by Lars Bonderup and Martin Vinther - current President and Vice President of the club. The soul purpose of founding Inglorious Bikers was a desire to create a brotherhood consisting of good law-abiding, hard working men who has a passion for custom bikes regardless of brand and make. Men who once in a while needs to live out the urge to be real men. To be among other bikers without having to worry about changing diapers, doing the dishes or folding the laundry.



We felt the need to create just that - and so it began! Hours were spent on the web searching for ideas to our west. First of all It had to stand out from the crowd and at the same time be in neutral colors. Second of all it had be bad ass looking with a twist of self irony :) At last we came up with the idea of a bulldog breaking through the west symbolizing the wild dog within us all breaking out. The self irony is expressed in the badge on our chest that states: We ride for good coffee :)



Our club welcomes all but there are a few things you must be able to fulfill:



- You must own a custom bike (Chopper, bobber, cruiser, café racer)


- You must participate in 3 annual gatherings


- You must make a honest living - this is no hang around club



See you out there and remember:


Everybody dies - but not everyone lives


Inglorious Forever - Forever Inglorious




Kontakt: Press@ingloriousbikers.dk